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We believe that anybody can be a Maker.

We are Makers among Makers here at i am a maker.

We believe everyone is a Maker and has the capacity to create. We present resources, curate access to tools, materials, classes, and workshops, and host events in the greater Denver Area that introduce individuals to a wide variety of skills and activities.

In the last 6 years, through our programming and events, we have helped create environments and experiences for both youth and adults to explore their creativity and build skills for the future.
A combined 20,000+ people have attended our events and learned that, they, too, are capable of building a meaningful life by owning their creativity and making it uniquely theirs.

What We Provide


- Volunteer Maker Corps
- Denver U-Fix-It
- HeboCon Denver
- Makerspace Outreach
- Denver Area Factory Tours


- Make It Colorado
- Sparks & Spirits Fundraiser

How we use our Donations

We use our donations to purchase materials for pre-made maker kits that are distributed free to under served communities.

We use our donations to purchase materials for hands-on events and workshops.

We use our donations to sustain humanitarian relief efforts such as making sewn face coverings in a distributive manufacturing network. Masks are donated to organizations and communities in need.

We use our donations to produce educational content for the community.

We use our donations to thank our volunteers for their contribution.

Our Team


Karen Corliss

Karen Corliss is a maker, event producer, industry engineer by day, community manager, planner and organizer of people, things and ideas. She sews, screen prints, tinkers with consumer products and is an advocate for makers and creators to grow their craft, skills and ideas in their own unique way. She creates environments and events that encourage experimentation and play, with the twist of working examples and application to future learning opportunities and careers.


Program Manager/HeboCon Denver

Will Leblanc

Will Leblanc is an artist, performer, and maker.
He has worked in and around the maker community as a community builder, event organizer, and facilitator for artists, builders and makers. In his spare time he creates strange electro-mechanical audio-visual amalgamations.


Project Manager/Events

Kaycee Lott

Kaycee Lott is an event planner, doula, and creator of relationships. She is an advocate for increasing making within the existing educational system as well as creating new educational opportunities for youth and adults. In her spare time, she creates extraordinary culinary delights, wrangles children while coaching them to be their best selves, and enjoys building new friendships within the community.