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I Create to........

enrich my own life with activities that are meaningful to me and inspire others to discover their individual superpower.

Karen Corliss


I am the maker of...

environments, activities and events that encourage experimentation and play, with the twist of working examples and application to future learning opportunities and careers.

Karen Corliss speaks with Writer Tameca Coleman for a coffee chat on making, the maker community and building community (47 min)

Frequently Asked Questions

Maker Faire Denver was the first Feature Maker Faire in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding states. It and the events leading up to Maker Faire Denver were produced from 2013 – 2018 by a passionate and tireless group of Denver and Northern Colorado area locals including several host nonprofits which included, Colorado Maker Hub, Making Progress and [ i am a maker ]. When [i am a maker] took the reigns, the licensing organization was in flux and we chose not to continue using the maker faire brand name for our future events.  We stand by that decision and continue to support the community with an assemblage of events under our new brand: Make It Colorado.
We had planned a Make It Colorado event for October 2020 but had to cancel due to social distancing requirements.  Instead, in 2020, we shifted all our operations and efforts in to making PPE and sewn face mask kits for those in need.

We are in planning for a potential event in Fall 2021.

Please reach out to Karen Corliss via email and let’s start (or continue) the conversation.

You do not need to become a member of [i am a maker] to be a maker! However, we offer our members tangible services like the ability to sell items on our Multi-Maker Marketplace E-commerce website and/or a maker profile, discounts, and other membership benefits currently under development.

I also do engineering type things for consumer packaged goods companies with high-speed processing and packaging equipment installations into factories big and small. 

When I’m not doing that, the rest of my time is spent supporting the nonprofit and volunteering within the Maker Movement to create opportunities for makers, artists and diyers.

On Making...."The tools, medium and information needed to try new things have increasingly become more accessible to everyday people. If the tools, medium and/or information are not available... We Invent Them."

Beginner Sewing: Sewn Face Mask Instructions

This is our instruction video for making a hand sewn face mask. Our partner nonprofit families received our donation kits, but you can follow along with your own materials and tools! Video Credit: Angela Sheehan